Bamboozle for a Healthy New Year

This month, we feature Bamboozle Cafe in beautiful downtown Tampa

Blog and Photos by Kelly Marley, Taste Ambassador

Bamboozle for a Healthy New Year

What’s a foodie to do after the holidays?  Still love food yet still want to love the scale?  Bamboozle Cafe in the heart of downtown Tampa has the solution.  Lynn Pham, the owner and creative chef, wants to bamboozle you into healthy eating and once you enter this welcoming cafe that’s exactly what will happen!  

Delicious, eye popping Vietnamese cuisine for lunch or dinner will fill you up and leave you guilt free.  

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Bamboozle Cafe is located on Tampa Street in downtown.


Outdoor seating along Tampa Street.

We first took our guests to this beautiful Vietnamese restaurant as part of the Tampa Riverwalk Food Tour and knew we wanted to know more about Lynn and what inspired her to bring a bit of her home here to downtown Tampa.  


Lynn Pham, on the left, with one of her chefs

Ten years ago, after a successful career with a global networking company, Lynn knew she needed to follow her heart and do what brought her the most joy.  As a lover of travel, great food, and the outdoors, she incorporated all those loves into the Bamboozle Cafe. Working in partnership with Charlie Schiller of Tampa, she designed the cafe with the outdoors in mind, where healthy food from her home country of Vietnam is prepared in front of the customer, and is beautifully plated. It looks so good that it’s hard to imagine eating, but don’t pass it up!


Banana leaves and palm trees bring the outdoors into the cafe


Touches from Vietnam


Great wine selection

Like many of our restaurant partners, we learned Lynn was inspired by her mom, who let her experiment in the kitchen as she was growing up. Family recipes run through the menu, including her dad’s secret BBQ pork recipe.  While Lynn maintains a commitment to traditional Vietnamese dishes, she incorporates a modern flair with an emphasis on fresh ingredients and instagrammable presentation.

At this time of year, pumpkin soup and pumpkin curry are the specialty.  With a loyal fan base, the pumpkin dishes will be available through March.  Year round, the fresh spring rolls are the most popular dish on the menu, and with this presentation, we can see why.  Here are a few shots of some of Lynn’s most popular dishes.

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All food is prepared right in front of you, and if you don’t see what you want on the menu, Lynn’s team can customize a roll with your favorite ingredients.

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The making of the Hass Avocado Roll:


Stack some julienned vegetables and hass avocados


Layer some fresh cilantro on top


Tightly roll


Cut and serve!

No dish is complete without a great beverage, and the art of presentation flows into the glass at Bamboozle Cafe.  Beer, wine, saki based drinks, and sangria are served, and they truly don’t get any prettier! Strawberry Kiss Rose and Exotic Fruit Sangria pair great with a Hass Avocado Fresh Roll or Vegan Pho dish.

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Bamboozle Cafe is open 6 days a week, and with the recent revitalization of downtown Tampa, business is booming at the Bamboozle Cafe, so come on in, customize your own roll, and start 2019 off healthy and happy!


An Nao!

(Bon Appetit in Vietnamese!)

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