Carvor’s Fish House

This month, we feature Jensen Brothers Seafood and Carvor’s Fish House, in Dunedin, Florida 

Blog and Photos by Kelly Marley, Experiential Photography

Carvor's Fish House

Our Dunedin Food Tour is seafood focused and this month, we want to highlight one of our great partners, Carvor’s Fish House, who prepares a yummy to-go dish for our guests as they head to Cueni Brewery for a beer tasting.


Carvor’s Fish House serves up prepared foods from Jensen’s Seafood next door

Dunedin is full of family run businesses, and John Jensen fits right in with his wholesale seafood business and fish house on Douglas Avenue.  If you haven’t stopped in, be sure to do so and soon!

Jensen’s Seafood

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John started selling trout and catfish out of his truck 35 years ago, and 12 years ago opened his Douglas Avenue location to continue selling seafood in an open air market at wholesale prices and expanding his offerings.  Having a rental property next door, he eventually decided to convert it to a kitchen where his seafood could be prepared for take out, and offer side dishes, wine, and beer as well. Dunedin has embraced it!

A family run business needs a namesake of course, and the Fish House was named after John’s kids, Carly and Trevor.  Hence, the name “Carvor’s Fish House”.


Jensen’s Seafood supplies seafood to many restaurants as well as Carvor’s Fish House next door

Some of the most popular items at Jensen’s Seafood include local snapper and grouper, wild scottish salmon, and many cold water northern fish, such as cod, swordfish, scallops and mussels. Shellfish of all kinds are available at Jensen’s, and for dessert, pick up a JJ Gandy key lime pie!

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It doesn’t get any fresher than this!

If you’ve stopped in Jensen’s, you have no doubt seen the nautical bar in the back, and wondered if you could grab a beer and sit for awhile.  While this is an inviting thought, it’s reserved as a break room for the staff.


You have also probably seen “George”, who waits patiently for his lunch in the parking lot!



Now let’s head next door to Carvor’s for a peak of what you can take home if you don’t feel like cooking yourself!  


Outside seating on a covered deck


Local art on this local fish house


The tempting menu with breakfast and lunch options


In addition to the take out options, Carvor’s also has exclusive wines sourced from California, Italy, France, and Chile.  A large selection of cold craft and retail beers are available for take out as well.

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And don’t forget the Sangria and Champagne!

To round out your selection of seafood, there is a selection of farm fresh vegetables available.

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Don’t forget the key lime cookies!

Chef Dave Cramer runs the kitchen at Carvor’s, and I can tell you he makes the BEST grouper sandwich in Tampa Bay!  Dave managed the original Frenchy’s Restaurant, and later opened Frenchy’s Saltwater, so he has some serious seafood chops!

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Here are a few other items you will see in the case at Carvor’s

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The decor is perfect for a fish house too!

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The friendly team at Jensen’s and Carvor’s will bring you back!


Open 7 days a week, be sure to get there before closing!

Bon Appetit from all of us at Tampa Bay Food Tours!

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