This month, we feature Cassis, along Beach Drive in St. Petersburg. 

Blog and Photos by Kelly Marley, Taste Ambassador


February brings cravings for sweets and chocolates, and if you are looking for elegant desserts, look no further than Cassis in St. Petersburg!   They are practically an art form here, under the watchful eye of Pastry Chef Katherine Williams. Katherine has been overseeing the growing bakery here at Cassis for four years and we are delighted to introduce you to her, her kitchen, and her incredible desserts!


Pastry Chef Katherine Williams

Katherine describes Cassis as American French cuisine, featuring napoleon flavors, opera cakes, and parisian macarons.  Working in collaboration with Executive Chef Jeremy Declut, her bakery stands alone and she also supplies all the desserts, breads, and rolls on the Cassis menu.  

With 12 bakers and a 24 hour operation, Katherine has her hands full with the bakery and the catering business Cassis supports.  Most recently, Cassis entered the wholesale business and you can find some of their beautiful creations around various Tampa venues.

Gorgeous Exterior and Interior!

As you enter Cassis, you immediately feel transported to a European Brasserie, with tile patterned flooring, flowing sheer curtains, stemware on all the tables, and outside seating. Cassis is open for full breakfast, or enjoy a fresh croissant and cappuccino if you prefer.  


Modern, colorful, and inviting!


Outdoor, pet friendly seating along Beach Drive

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Now, let’s head into Katherine’s bakery for a close up and behind the scenes look!


Literally everything in the bakery at Cassis is hand made from scratch – nothing frozen or packaged is used in Katherine’s kitchen.  All gelatos, sorbets, biscotti, breads, and artisan desserts are in house. Some of the desserts can take up to two days to complete.  Only real cream, sugar, and high quality chocolate can be found in this 24 hour operation bakery.

You won’t find a better croissant in Tampa Bay, and they are definitely a best seller at Cassis.  Traditional, and with flavors such as chocolate and almond, you will not be disappointed.


1,000 croissants and other pastries are baked each day!


Fresh breads and pastries are made daily


The tempting menu with breakfast and lunch options


While many bakeries import their parisian macarons from France, the macarons at Cassis are hand-made daily, and I was surprised to learn that the training period to perfect the macaron is TWO MONTHS!  It’s definitely an art form with little margin for error. We went into the kitchen to see the process of making some of the gorgeous desserts in the bakery.

Backstage in the Kitchen!


Step one of the Raspberry Macaron – the meringue based treat made with almond flour, various flavors, and must have a crunchy outside and chewy inside.


The making of the vegan chocolate cake with raspberry preserves, finished with a chocolate mirror glaze


1,000 cookies per week are baked at Cassis


Ready to move to the case


Food coloring for the desserts


Edible flowers adorn the desserts and plates in the restaurant

Heading back out to the bakery, here are a few close ups of some of the most elegant desserts you will ever see and taste!


The Cassis – cassis and lavender mousse, white chocolate feulletine crunch, and a champagne chiffon cake


Strawberry Velvet – golden velvet cake, strawberry gelee, and strawberry mousse


Coconut Lime Mousse – coconut lime mousse, guava gelee, coconut macaroon crunch, and almond frangipan cake


The Normandy – chocolate mousse, praline cream, hazelnut candy, chocolate cake


Carrot Cake – classic carrot cake with walnuts and raisins with cream cheese buttercream


Vegan Chocolate Cake – chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and raspberry jam

Macaron vs. Macaroon

Katherine explained that there is a difference between the macaron and the macaroon.  It’s quite common to call both of them a “macaroon”, however, that term only refers to the coconut meringue version here, shown dipped in chocolate:


The “macaron” is the traditional parisian bite shown here:


Cassis is open 7 days a week, has a great menu, happy hour, and even an Afternoon Tea, which is a perfectly sweet way to spend a day with your friends and little ones!  Click for details


Take something home and make someone happy!


Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at Tampa Bay Food Tours!

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