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For the holidays, we feature Flute & Dram, the Champagne and Caviar Bar along Beach Drive in St. Petersburg, Florida

Blog and Photos by Kelly Marley, Taste Ambassador


Holidays are for Champagne!

Who doesn’t love conversation, great atmosphere, and a glass of champagne with friends over the holidays?  It’s the time to break out of our routine and enjoy some bubbles! Now, you can enjoy it year round at Flute & Dram, the champagne, whiskey, and caviar bar located along Beach Drive in St. Petersburg.


Opening seven months ago, Flute & Dram has brought sparkle to St. Petersburg just in time for the holidays!  The decor is stylishly breathtaking at night, and it can feel as intimate as your home. With a dream collection of champagne, whiskey, caviar and cigars, there is something here for everyone.


Within 900 square feet, Flute & Dram carries the largest selection of champagne per square foot in St. Petersburg, and the collection of both champagne and spirits are beautifully displayed.


We recently spent some time with Elliott Burke, the General Manager, and got up close and personal with the impressive collection here at Flute & Dram.  First, we wondered – what inspired a champagne and caviar bar in St. Petersburg? Would it be risky? Caviar is not exactly on everyone’s list of cravings, yet inventory has flown off the shelf.  Literally, every bottle has had to be replenished at Flute & Dram since opening day, and the caviar is always fresh.


Now for a bit of background behind the name.  Flute refers to the classic champagne glass, and Dram is a Scottish derived word that refers to a shot of whisky.  Technically, ⅛ of an ounce. The name and concept was inspired by a champagne bar in New York City, but with Florida flair!


Next, the champagne!  Among the many choices of champagne, we have to point out the Nicolas Feuillatte collection specifically.  It is the highest selling brand of champagne in France.  There are only five Feuillatte varietals sold in Florida, and Flute & Dram carries all of them.  


Use this quick overview to help make your selection:

Screen Shot 2018-12-11 at 10.52.22 AM

The most popular champagne sold in the United States is Veuve Clicquot, and Flute & Dram carries several options of Veuve Clicquot as well.  With bottles ranging anywhere from $80 to $800 each, you can be sure that you are getting quality bubbles!  

Servings by the glass, or the popular champagne tower, are also available.

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In addition, you will find an incredible selection of whiskey at Flute & Dram.  There are 150 – 200 different varieties, including Japanese, Scotch, Irish, Rye, and American.  Bourbon is the biggest seller here, and Flute & Dram carries true Kentucky Bourbon.

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The cigar collection is no less impressive, with anywhere from $4 to $100 cigars available in the humidor just inside the front entrance.  


And last, but not least, the caviar!  Flute & Dram is the perfect place to try this delicacy if you have never done so.  They have the largest selection of caviar in all of Pinellas county. Try it, you might be surprised!

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We wish Flute & Dram continued success here in St. Petersburg.  Be sure to check their website https://www.flutendram.com frequently for upcoming information about “Tasting Tuesdays”, which will feature a different champagne distributor each week on-site to share their knowledge with you. This is a great way to enjoy a Tuesday evening!

We leave you with some interesting facts to make your next glass even more enjoyable!


Fun Facts About Champagne!

  • The three grape varieties used for champagne can only be grown in a certain region in France
  • Champagne is made out of three grapes: Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Meunier
  • The most expensive bottle of champagne costs $2.07 million dollars
  • “Sabrage” is a term for opening a champagne bottle using the blunt side of an actual sword
  • Marilyn Monroe took a bath in champagne – 350 bottles filled the tub
  • The pressure in a champagne bottle is 90 pounds per square inch, which is three times the amount of pressure than the tires on a car
  • The longest recorded flight of a champagne cork was half a football field
  • Champagne corks fly out at speeds near 25 mph
  • Dropping a raisin into champagne causes it to travel from the top of the glass to the bottom continuously
  • When Champagne is kept in the refrigerator, the cork dries out and shrinks so that the carbonation is able to escape, and other smells and flavors can get in
  • Keep a bottle of Champagne in the back of your closet, so you only have it to put it in the refrigerator to briefly chill if you have something to celebrate

Happy Holidays from Tampa Bay Food Tours!

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