Scone Age Bakery

The concept for the Scone Age Bakery & Café is to bring fresh organic and natural scratch-made, traditional baked goods and food back to the table.

Starting with the top row, gluten-free/grain-free vegan items. Cinnamon rolls, ginger lemon sandwich cookies, peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, and our coconut matcha energy balls. Then there’s traditional scones, blueberry scones, brownies, blueberry crumb cake and chocolate chip cookies. Then our Kaiser rolls, and 5 flavors of Jerusalem bagels: cinnamon and sugar, everything, sesame, asiago and salt. And last but not least, they have cinnamon rolls, pecan sticky buns, and four brioche: raspberry, chocolate dipped chocolate, chocolate dipped almond and chocolate dipped orange marmalade. That’s over 210 individual items!

We at Tampa Bay Food Tours are excited to have Scone Age Bakery’s fresh baked goods featured on the Dunedin Food Tour. Let’s find out what all the excitement is about.


The space just off of the Pinellas trail is a cute, clean and inviting place.


Chef Shelley Jaffe is the Executive chef and co-owner of The Scone Age Bakery and Cafe.
The pastries, soups, sauces and main courses are all made fresh. They do not use any processed ingredients.

In addition to traditional European style pastries and breads, she has developed a line of whole food, gluten-free and paleo baked goods, including bread, cookies and muffins. Unlike many others creating these baked goods, Stone Age does not contain defatted coconut or almond flour. She uses freshly milled nuts, as whole cassava flour. They use as much whole food in all of the recipes as possible so that none of the valuable nutrients are lost, or the flavor that goes with them. The result is simple, delicious food that lets the natural flavors shine through.

Let’s start with their signature scones.


Traditional Scottish Scones with rotating options, chocolate chip, blueberry, cherry almond and ginger treacle (molasses) to name a few.


House made clotted cream and jams accompany the fluffy and crisp scones. Our tour guests raved about how light they were.


Jerusalem Bagels as the name implies are sold on the street of Jerusalem. The main difference between a bagel and a Jerusalem bagel is that the JB isn’t boiled, and a real New York bagel has to be boiled. Traditionally, they are sprinkled with sesame seeds, but Chef Shelley has taken it a step further and covers her JBs with not only sesame but salt, cinnamon, poppy and Asiago cheese. And to make them even better, cream cheese from scratch from local grass fed cream for a schmear/dip.

Gluten Free Vegan Cinnamon Rolls


The chocolate glazed brioche sconuts


Keto Colada Cupcakes!!! Coconut and pineapple make a terrific summertime treat. Less than 5 net carbs and no sugar makes them perfect for anyone wanting something sweet without the sugar. Made with grass fed butter, grass fed heavy cream, and blanched almonds makes them Paradise for Paradox. Sweetened with house-made organic stevia extract.


This is golden milk; They make theirs with a 95% curcumin turmeric extract. Curcumin the active component of turmeric that is said to have anti-inflammatory and other medicinal qualities. Regular turmeric has only about 2% of this, so there’s is considerably higher. Scone age combines it with ginger, cinnamon and black pepper, then mixes it into your choice of milk and sweetener. A slightly spicy, very relaxing and enjoyable drink.


The brunch menu features additional options.


Be sure and stop by soon and tell them Tampa Bay Food Tours sent you!

Business Hours

Mon- Tue: Closed
Wed- Fri: 8:00 AM – 2:00 PM

332 Skinner Boulevard
Dunedin, FL 34698

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